Get $125 and earn rewards with EV Charger Rewards!

If you have an eligible Level 2 EVSE charger you can participate in EV Charger Rewards! You’ll allow small adjustments to your EV charging schedule during times when electricity is most in demand. You will remain in control of your charging, and you’ll be helping us manage energy consumption – a win-win. You’ll earn $40 each year you participate in the demand response program.

*To qualify for the Equipment rebate of $125 customers must apply using this portal within 120 days of purchase. Customers may still participate in the Demand Response portion of this program anytime, participating in the Demand Response portion of the program will qualify customers to earn a $40 rebate after 365 days of participation. Registration in the Demand Response portion of the program is required to be eligible for the $125 equipment rebate.

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Make sure you have the right charger.

If you own a compatible Level 2 EVSE charger you may be eligible to participate! If you don’t own one yet, buy one here and apply for the enrollment rebate, you’ll be saving $125. Just remember to save your receipt.

Confirm your eligibility.

To participate, you must be a current Dominion Energy Virginia residential customer living in a single-family residence and your account must be on a standard rate structure (not billed on a time-of-use rate like the Off-Peak Plan). By participating, you’ll allow Dominion Energy to control your EV charging during peak hours.

Apply to earn $125* and $40 per year.

You’ll earn $40 for each year that you participate in the demand response program after your one-year anniversary. You must enroll in the program to take advantage of the additional rebates. Please note it can take up to four weeks to receive enrollment confirmation.

About Dominion Energy’s EV Charger Rewards

Dominion Energy is making electric vehicle (EV) adoption more accessible, convenient and affordable. As our customers transition to electric vehicles, we will work to provide the necessary energy and charging solutions to meet the diverse charging needs and manage the overall impact to the electrical system. This program incentivizes residential customers for allowing us to leverage their Level 2 EV smart chargers to make adjustments to their charging level during periods of high electric demand.

In EV Charger rewards, demand response events will be called by Dominion Energy during times of peak system demand throughout the year to reduce the electric vehicle charging load while encouraging customers to charge their vehicles during off-peak hours. Events can be for up to a four (4) hour period, with a maximum of 45 Energy Events per year (maximum of 15 per month). You may opt-out of any demand response event if you choose to do so via your charger or its associated app.

In return, you will receive $40 after you have participated in the program for one year (after your anniversary date). If you remain enrolled, you will receive $40 after each anniversary.

If you have additional questions about the program, please visit our FAQ page or contact us at