Frequently Asked Questions About the FlexEV Rewards Programs

Question linkWhat is FlexEV Rewards?

FlexEV Rewards is a collection of programs offered by CPS Energy designed to help EV owners save money while charging at home. Programs available include:

  • FlexEV Smart Rewards
  • FlexEV Off-Peak Rewards
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Question linkWhat is FlexEV Smart Rewards?
  • With FlexEV Smart Rewards, you can earn $250 for signing up and agreeing to CPS Energy making brief adjustments to your level 2 charger’s energy use during periods of increased electric demand.
  • Earn $5 each month you remain enrolled.
  • Adjustment events can occur on weekdays between 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., up to a maximum of 15 events per month. You will be notified in advance of an event via your charger’s app.
  • You can opt-out of an event at any time by adjusting your charger back to its normal settings.
Question linkWhat is FlexEV Off-Peak Rewards?
  • With FlexEV Off-Peak Rewards, you earn $125 for choosing to charge outside of peak hours and sharing your charger’s usage data with CPS Energy.
  • Earn $10 each month you do not charge more than two times during on-peak hours of 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Excluding Holidays.
Question linkWhat if I charge my EV during on-peak hours a few times during the month?

No problem. We understand situations may happen where you are unable to adhere to the event. As long as you charge no more than twice during on-peak hours, you will be eligible for your rebate that month.

Question linkIf I opt out of an event here and there, can I still earn my monthly credit?

Yes! We understand situations may happen where you are unable to adhere to the events every now and then. We just ask you participate when you can.

Question linkHow and when will I receive my rewards?

Rewards are paid in the form of bill credits on your CPS Energy utility bill.

Question linkWhen will I receive my rewards?

You will receive your sign-up enrollment reward bill credit 6-8 weeks after you are accepted into the program.

Question linkWhich EV chargers qualify for the program?

See the chart below for eligible charging equipment. Your charger must be installed and activated with internet Wi-Fi connectivity prior to enrollment.

Manufacturer Model Name Power Input Indoor/Outdoor
ChargePoint CPH25-L25-P Plug In Indoor Only
ChargePoint CPH25-L25 Hardwired Indoor/Outdoor
ChargePoint CPH25-L18-P Plug In Indoor Only
ChargePoint CPH25-L18 Hardwired Indoor/Outdoor
ChargePoint CPH12-L12 Hardwired Indoor/Outdoor
ChargePoint CPH12-L12-P Plug In Indoor Only
ChargePoint CPH50-NEMA6-50-L23 Plug In/ Hardwired Indoor/Outdoor
ChargePoint CPH50-NEMA 14-50-L23 Plug In/ Hardwired Indoor/Outdoor
Enel X JuiceBox 32 Plug In Indoor/Outdoor
Enel X JuiceBox 40 Plug In Indoor/Outdoor
Enel X JuiceBox 32 Hardwired Indoor/Outdoor
Enel X JuiceBox 40 Hardwired Indoor/Outdoor
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Question linkWhere can I learn more about eligible chargers?

For more information about the charging equipment list above, please visit the manufacturers’ websites:

Question linkI have an Enelx Way device and I see two different mobile applications, which one should I use?

For now, customers should use the EV JuiceNet and NOT the JuicePass app to continue participating in FlexEV Rewards programs. In September 2023, customers will receive a notification to migrate to the new JuicePass application and should switch to the JuicePass application at that time.

Question linkCan I enroll in both the FlexEV Smart Rewards and the FlexEV Off-Peak Rewards at the same time?

No. Customers can only be enrolled in one program at a time but can switch between the Smart Rewards and Off-Peak Rewards programs by contacting customer support at

If a customer changes programs, they are only eligible for a single up-front enrollment rebate. Customers changing programs will be eligible for the ongoing monthly rebates for their currently enrolled program.

Question linkHow do I unenroll from FlexEV Smart Rewards or FlexEV Off-Peak Rewards?

Send an email to requesting to end your participation in the program.

Question linkWho can I contact if I have additional questions about CPS Energy’s FlexEV Rewards programs?

Email support at or call 210-963-8913.

Question linkWhat if my charger is not on the list?

You are not eligible for the FlexEV Smart Rewards or FlexEV Off-Peak Rewards programs at this time. As chargers from other manufacturers become eligible we will add them to the list.