Eversource Battery Program FAQ

Question linkWhat is the ConnectedSolutions battery program?

The ConnectedSolutions battery program is provided by Eversource and rewards customers for allowing Eversource to export the energy stored in a customer’s battery to the grid during times of high demand.

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Question linkAm I eligible?

To participate in ConnectedSolutions, you must be an Eversource electric customer that receives energy efficiency services from Eversource (those served by Cape Light Compact in Massachusetts are only eligible for the Cape Light Compact battery program). You must also use a battery storage system controlled by a supported battery or inverter manufacturer. And your battery must perform in accordance to what is in your interconnection agreement. Please see the list of supported inverter manufacturers and battery models below. You can also reach out to your installer to see if they install one of the supported inverters.

A summary of the eligible models is below:


Eligible Inverters

Eligible Batteries


Enphase IQ series microinverters

Enphase M-series microinverters

Encharge 3

Encharge 10

Tesla Powerwall 2**

Tesla Powerwall+**


Model 700 Series

Model 11400 Series

Panasonic (DCB)*

Generac (EX)


Sol-Ark 12K

Sol-Ark 8K

Sol-Ark 5K

Any 48V Battery









Tesla Powerwall 2**

Tesla Powerwall+**


Outback Power Radian

Sonnen Eco

Sonnen Ecolinx


All Solar Inverters**

Tesla Powerwall 2**

Tesla Powerwall+**

*Available in 2021
**Tesla Powerwall has internal inverter

Please contact your battery vendor or installer for more information on which inverter and battery models are best suited for your system.

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Question linkWho could I contact with questions or if I want to apply?

If you already have a relationship with a certified installer, please work with them. If you are interested in purchasing a battery energy storage system, please click on the below to reach out to any of the qualified battery vendors:

To enroll in the program, the customer must complete a ConnectedSolutions application and provide it to your battery vendor. The battery vendor is responsible for submitting the customer application and registering the battery storage system to participate.


Question linkWhat’s the incentive?

In return for your participation, Eversource will pay $225 per kilowatt (kW) for your battery’s average contribution during the season.

Question linkHow many events are called during a season?

You can expect up to 60 events in the season which runs from June 1st – September 30th. Events will only take place on non-holiday weekdays and are typically for 3 hours between 3-7 PM.

Please contact your battery vendor or installer for more information on how they will manage the charging and discharging of your battery during the event.

Question linkHow much can I expect to earn?

Your payment will be based on your average power contribution during peak events. A typical home battery could contribute up to an average of 4 kW per event which would earn $900 for the season.

Note: Battery system performance will vary based on size, configuration, internet connectivity, and other factors. Please contact your battery vendor or installer for more information about your battery’s expected contribution and the incentive you can expect to earn.

The table below shows the results of a fictional customer’s curtailment performance over a season that had 3 demand response events. In reality, dispatch seasons have many more events.


Performed Curtailment Amount

Event 1

3 kW

Event 2

4 kW

Event 3

5 kW

The customers average performance over the season would be:

The total incentive amount to be paid for this fictional customer for the season would be:


4 𝑘𝑊 ∙ $225/𝑘𝑊 = $900

Question linkWhen and how can I expect to receive my incentive?

Incentive payments for performance will be made in November each year.

Incentive payments will be made via a mailed check from Eversource to either the customer or their battery manufacturer, vendor, or installer depending on the selection made on the CUSTOMER INCENTIVE PAYMENT OPTIONS section of the customer application. Some manufacturers may collect a portion or all of the incentive payment. Please contact your battery vendor or installer for more information about your battery’s expected contribution and what, if any, portion of the incentive they collect. Such negotiations are between the customer and their installer or other party. Please contact your battery vendor or installer for more information on how they will distribute payment.

Question linkWill I receive notifications of events?

Eversource notifies battery partners 24 hours before an expected event. The battery vendor is responsible for notifying customers of events. The battery vendor is also responsible for sending Eversource data about the customer’s contribution, so typically customers don’t need to do anything to participate and don’t experience anything out of the ordinary compared to a non-event day.

Question linkHow can I ensure that I’ll still have backup energy if I need it?

Eversource will not call events if a severe storm is forecast to ensure customers battery storage systems can be utilized for backup power if needed. In addition, some battery vendors can help you configure your system to limit how much your system will discharge during events. Please note however that this will effect how much your system will earn.

Question linkAre there Financing Options?

In Massachusetts, home batteries and installation costs are eligible for 0% financing through the Mass Save HEAT loan sponsored by Eversource.

Click here for more information about the HEAT loan and how to apply.

In Connecticut, batteries paired with solar PV are eligible for low-interest financing through the Smart-E Loan sponsored by the Connecticut Greenbank in partnership with Eversource.

Click here for more information about the Smart-E Loan and how to apply.

Question linkCan I co-participate in other programs?

If your battery is connected to a home solar PV system you can also earn incentives from the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) program administered by the state of Massachusetts. SMART requires that your battery be discharged to the grid 52 times a year to earn incentives, and discharges through ConnectedSolutions count toward this requirement.

Click here to learn more about the SMART Program.

Customers may co-participate in Net Metering and ConnectedSolutions. Net Metering provides an incentive for electricity generated from renewable sources, like solar.

Question linkHow do I unenroll from the program?

Please contact your battery vendor or installer, or eversource@energyhub.com to unenroll from the ConnectedSolutions program. Please note, you must participate in a full season to receive an incentive payment.