Receive up to $75 from Austin Energy through Power Partner℠ EV

Have an EV charger at home? Earn rewards for using less energy on days when the need is highest. Enroll in Power Partner EV and earn a $50 bill credit plus $25 after one year of remaining in the program.

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When community-wide energy use spikes, Austin Energy will make small adjustments to your charging schedule or speed. You will remain in control of your charging and help Austin Energy manage community energy use – a win-win.

Earn $50 upfront and $25 per year!

By participating, you'll earn rewards for helping Austin Energy meet clean energy goals and enhancing grid resilience.

Stay in control.

You can opt out of adjustments at any time from your mobile device.

About Austin Energy Power Partner EV program

Power Partner EV offers incentives to customers who let Austin Energy make minor adjustments to their EV charging during Power Partner events.

Power Partner events occur during periods of extreme weather and high energy use in the community. During a Power Partner event, Austin Energy will either slow or delay your EV charging. You will still have time to charge each day and can override any event if needed.

With Power Partner EV, you can receive a $50 bill credit for enrolling plus $25 for each additional year of participation.